Medication Packaging

PharMerica has the ability to provide multiple packaging options from blister cards to multi-dose compliance packaging. We work with the facility to determine the best option for our clients unique needs. PharMerica’s packaging options offer our clients the benefits of all of our products and services including: Medication Availability, Cost Containment, and Compliance and Education

Regardless of the packaging, we guarantee timeliness of deliveries and medication accuracy, backed by our consistent and responsive customer services.

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Multi-Dose Packaging:

Reduce med administration time with med pass specific packaging

Multi-dose packaging helps reduce medication administration time and also eliminate waste and cost on unused medications. Med pass specific packaging also includes barcodes to ensure compliance and reduce errors.

  • Retrospective billing for services, billed only for items dispensed during past 30 days.
  • Automated re-order cycle process keeps medication ordering simple for your staff.
  • Easy to read, separate and tear open pouches hold up to 3 medications per pouch.

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Unit-Dose Blister Card Packaging:

Blister Packs are convenient and cost efficient, serving as the industry standard for medication packaging. Unused Medications can be returned for credit (subject to state regulations). Blister packs are optimized for cost and staff efficiency.

  • Resident specific barcode, for patient safety.
  • Barcodes can be scanned at medication pass using supported EMR/EHR and eMAR software systems.
  • Convenient easy to read, with each medication in a separate blister card.

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