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Our Mission

PharMerica is the pharmacy standard for healthcare facilities who demand cost-effective solutions, integrity and comprehensive pharmacy services.


Our Principles

Value. Trust. Performance.

These principles guide our strategic and operational decisions. We want to earn your trust as a valued partner that delivers industry-leading performance every day.


Value-PharMerica offers the best value for clients through cost-effective pharmacy solutions, efficient pharmacy management services and documented savings.


Trust-PharMerica develops collaborative relationships built on integrity, price transparency and ethical business practices.


Performance-PharMerica provides the right medication at the right time as well as pharmacy integration solutions. That’s superior pharmacy service.


10 Reasons to Choose PharMerica as Your Institutional Pharmacy

1. Account Management--PharMerica's exemplary customer service sets us apart from retail pharmacies as well as large impersonal pharmacies. As a valued PharMerica customer you'll have your own account manager, ready to answer questions, address concerns, find solutions and ultimately help you serve your residents better while increasing your profitability.  MORE

2. Generic Substitution--PharMerica helps you manage costs with generic dispensing rates of 85% or more and flexible payment terms.

3. Integration Solutions--PharMerica offers advanced programs and online tools that you won’t find anywhere else to help you efficiently manage pharmacy expenses and aid your business decisions.
ViewMasteRx®offers instant online access to medication management tools and reports. RxExact® provides fast accurate adjudication and real-time price validation to manage costs. RxForecaster offers pre-admission assessment to improve coverage and med availability. MORE

4. Medicare Part D Coverage--RxAllow increases your Med D coverage with therapeutic interchanges, prior authorizations and physician global authorizations. MORE

5. Cost-Effective Formularies--Our expert teams provide standard and custom formularies; we work with PDP contracts to develop the most cost-effective solutions  for your facilities; and provide regular business reviews and reports that inform you of opportunities and challenges.

6. Informative Reports--PharMerica minimizes billing issues with price transparency and accuracy. As your pharmacy partner, we conduct a business analysis and deliver reports on formulary opportunities, generic dispensing rates and cost per script. In addition, a customized Quarterly Business Review focusing on corporate strategies to manage your pharmacy expenses is available. Trends, non-formulary utilization and clinical standards are analyzed to ensure your facility is getting maximum benefit.

7. Top Consultant Pharmacists--Our ConsultPro® Consultant Pharmacist program provides regulatory compliance assistance to minimize your risk and reduce issues during facility surveys. MORE

8. Core Service Excellence--You expect your pharmacy to be able to service your residents with the right meds 24/7. PharMerica delivers. Whether your residents require STAT delivery, E-kits or specialized IV services, PharMerica has the comprehensive pharmacy services you need.  MORE

9.Clinical Education--Continuing education for nurses leads to better outcomes for your residents and your bottom line. PharMerica also offers a full spectrum of teleconferences and a comprehensive lending library that keep your staff informed and ready for every situation. MORE

10. Faster Automation--PharMerica’s automated administration processes with back-end scanning streamlines the order and acceptance process with one manifest and accurate information. Send prescriptions to our document fax server for fast convenient retrieval.

Excellence-it’s What we do.

Our Products and Services

With more than 25 years in institutional pharmacy services, PharMerica knows long-term care and alternative care better than any other long term care pharmacy. From industry leading consultant pharmacist services, streamlined billing options, or maintaining regulatory compliance, our services enable you to increase efficiency, save money and optimize resident care. PharMerica customers have access to our wealth of information and resources, including specialized education programs, trained pharmacists and business experts. Our clients and customers rely on us to ensure superior pharmacy services. 


PharMerica's comprehensive pharmacy services include:

  • Core pharmacy services
    • 24/7 access to a pharmacist
    • Accurate medications, billing and medical records
    • On-time multiple daily medication deliveries and STAT deliveries
    • Back-up pharmacy services
  • Cost Containment Suite
    • ViewMasteRx®, a secure customer portal to online billing, medication order management, reports and more
    • RxExact®, facility adjudication service simplifies pharmacy billing in real time
    • RxAllow™, Medicare Part D coverage solutions
    • Plan Alert
    • RxForecaster
    • Show N Tell
  • RxNow - PharMerica’s advanced on-site dispensing system provides availability to highly utilized medications typically necessary for late admissions.  In an environment where delayed medication administration could negatively impact the quality of patient care, RxNow provides immediate access to essential medications and alerts PharMerica of the need for replenishment.
  • EZ-MAR - Industry leading eMAR and eOrdering system makes ordering medications and maintaining medication administration records easy. You will save nursing time and document MAR, TAR and POS information legibly and instantly.
  • Professional EducationWe offer our customers a complete array of educational services including on-site clinical and med-pass training and Continuing Education (CE) credit opportunities through our convenient Teleconference Series or symposia events hosted at convenient locations near you.
  • E-Ordering / E-Prescribing integration with facility clinical systems, including support of NCPDP 10.3/10.6 and HL-7 standards
  • ConsultPro® – PharMerica’s industry-leading consultant pharmacist services assures compliance with regulations, control over facility costs and the latest treatment information to enhance resident care.
  • IV Therapy ServicesWe offer on-site IV services with 24/7 access to IV pharmacists and nurses. With our specialized LTC IV drug formulary and nationally-accredited IV therapy CE program and training, your staff can confidently treat residents requiring IV therapies.
  • Medicare Part B products and billing programs 
  • Paper and electronic medical records services
  • Account service from knowledgeable long term care pharmacy professionals

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